CADF releases its 2017 Business Report

Jul 12, 2018

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2017 was characterised by two important changes in the Governance of the Organization: CADF Foundation Board elected a new Chairman, Mr. Rune Andersen, following the passing of the late Dr. George Ruijsch van Dugteren. The Board also appointed the new Funding Committee Chairman, Javier Barrio, Managing Director of the AIGCP. In 2017 CADF once again performed the highest number of tests among the other International Federations, as reported in the latest World Anti-Doping Agency statistics report received by CADF. Besides that important quantitative element, the percentage of the Adverse Analytical Findings increased in large part to target testing, compared to tests performed on athletes selected through mere ranking or random criteria. This increase demonstrates the effectiveness of Intelligence management, an area of increasing focus for the CADF. In this respect, important results have been obtained in the tests conducted before the 3 Grand Tours with 4 Adverse Analytical Findings returned. The intelligence-led doping controls that were performed at the Vuelta Colombia and Vuelta Costa Rica helped to report 8 and 12 Adverse Analytical Findings respectively. In order to strengthen the testing program and establish a robust link between testing and intelligence, a Testing Manager was recruited with the mission to supervise all testing activities, coordinate the In- and Out-of-Competition testing program, systematically incorporate Intelligence inputs into the testing plans as well as develop the testing capacity in some critical countries in collaboration with national Anti-Doping authorities. With an increasing number of sharing agreements, CADF is able to coordinate its activities (i.e. athlete biological passport, intelligence and testing) with more than 20 countries. A specific cooperation agreement was signed with Anti-Doping Norway in the framework of the UCI Road World Championships. This was the first time that CADF has collaborated for testing with a NADO in the framework of this event. In terms of international cooperation, CADF was invited to be part of the Commonwealth Games task force, the working group implementing strategic testing plans for athletes who were eligible to compete in the Commonwealth Games held in Australia in April 2018. Besides the Commonwealth Games taskforce, CADF continues to be part of several international projects, especially in collaboration with WADA. CADF participates in WADA investigative, TDSSA and laboratory expert or working groups, which is a recognition by the international anti-doping community of CADF’s commitment in the fight against doping.

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