CADF releases its 2018 Business Report

Jul 9, 2019

With more than 15’000 samples collected in 2018, CADF is still the organization which performed the largest Anti-Doping testing program in comparison with the other Sport Organizations, as reported in the latest World Anti-Doping Agency statistics.

CADF management maintains an excellent collaboration with WADA and is involved in various experts’ groups (Intelligence, TDSSA….) and provides inputs whenever necessary. This is a recognition by the international anti-doping community of CADF’s commitment in the fight against doping.

The collaboration with the National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) also reached another level with the signature of 27 sharing agreements up to day, 4 testing cooperation agreements in the framework of specific events and an increased coordination of out-of-competition tests with relevant NADOs. The CADF also increased its relationship with the other NADOs’ intelligence and investigations departments. In that respect, CADF visited Anti-Doping Denmark and UK Anti-Doping to exchange on various topics and discuss further possible fields of collaboration.

Access to Business Report here