2017 UCI Cyclocross World Championships, Bieles, LuxembourgCooperation with WADA, National Anti-Doping Organizations and Public Authorities is crucial for the CADF to strengthen its network and build an effective Anti-Doping program.

National Anti-Doping Organizations and the CADF are working together specifically:

  • in the framework of the Athlete Biological Passport Program by sharing data and testing plans with a view to have one single and comprehensive passport composed of UCI and NADOs data per rider;
  • to extend the resources and testing capabilities either in the framework of UCI events or out-of-competition anywhere in the world;
  • to gather and exchange intelligence in order to optimize the testing program and build potential investigations.

The CADF is also directly involved in the WADA experts and working groups allowing sharing of best practices within the anti-doping community.