Created in 2008, the CADF has been fully independent since 2013 with the establishment of a new governance structure composed of a Foundation Board and a separate Funding Committee.

CADF Foundation Board

The CADF Foundation Board’s role is to guide and oversee the work of the CADF Executive team. It is composed of experts in the key areas of; anti-doping, legal services and finance. The CADF Foundation Board meets on a regular basis to review and oversee the strategy and work of the CADF Executive team and administration.

CADF Foundation Board Members

  • President – Rune Andersen
  • Secretary – Me. Christophe Misteli
  • Treasurer – Yvan Haymoz
  • Member – Andy Parkinson

CADF Funding Committee

As part of its unique independent structure, the CADF is entirely funded by stakeholders from the Cycling world.

The Terms of Reference of the Funding Committee are:

The Funding Committee shall act as a consultative body with respect to the CADF’s mission and activities to ensure that the key stakeholders who provide funding for the CADF are regularly informed about its activities and to formalise the process by which they can meet to raise questions and make propositions to the CADF Foundation Board.

For the sake of clarity, the Funding Committee’s decision-making power provided for under article 13 of the bylaws is exclusively restricted to the following: i) decisions to make propositions to the CADF Foundation Board; ii) decisions regarding the amount of the annual contribution of each respective Funding Committee member.

The Funding Committee meets once per year to review the present year’s accounts and set the new budget.

CADF Funding Committee Members

  • President – Javier Barrio
  • Teams’ representatives – Alfonso Galilea and Richard Plugge
  • UCI representative – Amina Lanaya
  • Organisers’ representative – Luc Gheysens
  • Riders’ representative – Xavier Jan
  • Secretary – Me. Christophe Misteli