Intelligence & Investigations

28.01.2016 Banniere-CADF-investigations


The implementation of the 2015 WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigation gave a new impetus to the fight against doping and extended the range of actions. This document establishes mandatory standards for the efficient and effective gathering, assessment and use of intelligence and effective conduct of investigations into possible anti-doping rule violations*.

In this context, the CADF has been bulking up its staff, by recruiting an Intelligence manager and analyst, individuals with specific professional skills and experience that enhances the CADF’s ability to gather and develop anti-doping intelligence, to liaise with other anti-doping organizations and public authorities in order to disseminate and to optimize the analysis of information coming from different sources and to improve the testing strategies.

The CADF has invested in a dedicated software already used by law enforcement agencies to be more effective.

To share any information or suspicion with CADF, please send an email to or complete the form here.

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