Report Doping


Whistleblowing is considered as a fundamental and legitimate source of information. CADF is constantly building its picture of doping in cycling and any information could be just the detail we need. For this reason, the CADF created a specific email address ( to give everyone an opportunity to report confidentially any doping suspicion about athletes, supporting staff or entourage anonymously or not. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, the information communicated to CADF may be referred to a relevant Anti-Doping Organization and Law Enforcement Agency. Would the information be related to non-doping issues, the CADF may share it with any relevant organization.

In any case, the CADF guarantees the protection of sources and will not disclose, without the informant’s prior consent, the name or any other personal detail that could potentially reveal the informant’s identity.

The following leaflet will be distributed to the athletes whenever possible to promote the CADF whistleblowing system.

To share any information or suspicion with CADF, please complete the form below. The data that is sent to CADF via this form is encrypted and can be read by the authorized CADF personnel only.

Thank you for your contribution to a clean sport of cycling and feel free to share this e-mail if deemed appropriate.