Riders included in the UCI Registered Testing Pool (RTP) are required to provide their whereabouts information to the CADF.

TheTo access the Letter of Inclusion, click here.y are informed of their responsibility to provide and keep their whereabouts information updated at all times.

One of the main reasons for collecting whereabouts information from Riders is to enable the CADF, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) to conduct effective in- and out-of competition testing. One of the strengths of an out-of-competition program is that tests should be conducted without prior notice. These are called No Advance Notice tests and contribute to the effectiveness of the current anti-doping program.

Please note that any rider may be required to provide a Sample at any time (including at night between 11pm and 5am) and at any place by the CADF or any other Anti-Doping Organisation with Testing Authority over him or her (article 5.2 ADR).

To access the list of riders included in the UCI RTP, click here:

An official letter of inclusion is sent to all riders who are included in the UCI RTP. In addition to the explanations related to their obligations as an athlete, the letter also includes information concerning athletes’ whereabouts, therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) and education. To access the Letter of Inclusion, click here.

Riders may wish to have a third party (e.g. coach or agent) assist them with respect to these whereabouts requirements. That is permitted. Please contact CADF at adams@cadf.ch to get such a third party access. However, please note that Riders remain personally responsible for any failure to comply with the ADR.

For more information on riders’ obligations related to the inclusion in the RTP, please click here to read the slides presented at the last CADF “ADAMS and Whereabouts” Webinar held in March 2016 or consult the following sections: