Omloop het Nieuwsblad - Women's Elite 2017


Riders included in the UCI RTP are required to provide complete and accurate whereabouts information for each day of the quarter to enable any Anti-Doping Organisation (ADO) to locate the Rider for testing, including but not limited to the 60-minute time slot period. To assist in the provision of whereabouts information, WADA has developed ADAMS which is currently available in 17 languages.

More specifically, Riders must supply the UCI with a three-month schedule of their whereabouts information before the commencement of each quarterly period by filing their whereabouts on-line into ADAMS. The deadlines for the submission of this information are:

  • 15 December at the latest for the period of January, February, March (First Quarter)
  • 15 March at the latest for the period of April, May and June (Second Quarter)
  • 15 June at the latest for the period of July, August and September (Third Quarter)
  • 15 September at the latest for the period of October, November and December (Fourth Quarter)

At a minimum, Riders must include the following information in their whereabouts submission:

  • A complete emailing and mailing address where correspondence may be sent to them for formal notice purposes;
  • At least one designated phone number that the UCI will use, if necessary, to reach them for testing and notice purposes;
  • One daily specific 60-minute time slot between 5am and 11pm where they guarantee to be available and accessible for Testing;
  • Their overnight residential address for each day. This is the place where Riders will staying overnight (e.g. home, temporary lodging, hotel, etc.);
  • Their training schedule;
  • Their competition schedule;
  • Their travel schedule;
  • Any additional information deemed necessary to enable any ADO intending to locate them for Testing.

When filing their information into ADAMS for the upcoming quarter, it is possible that Riders do not know their exact whereabouts for each day for the next three months. Nevertheless, they should be sure to meet the above mentioned and provide the required details for each day to the best of their ability and should then update their Whereabouts as soon as they become aware of a change.

The updates can be done online, via the ADAMS mobile phone App or via SMS. It shall not be a defence to an allegation of a Whereabouts Failure for late filing that the Rider was unaware of his upcoming schedule,

Whereabouts Failure

Non-compliance with whereabouts requirements could amount to a whereabouts failure, i.e. a Filing Failure or a Missed Test.

Filing Failure: A failure by the rider (or by a third party to whom the rider has delegated the task) to make an accurate and complete Whereabouts Filing that enables the rider to be located for testing at the times and locations set out in the Whereabouts Filing or to update that Whereabouts Filing where necessary to ensure that it remains accurate and complete, all in accordance with Article 5.3 of the UCI Testing and Investigation Regulations (UCI TIR).

Missed Test: A failure by the rider to be available for testing at the location and time specified in the 60-minute time slot identified in his/her Whereabouts Filing for the day in question, in accordance with Article 5.3.2 of the UCI TIR.

The combination of three whereabouts failures (Filing Failure and/or Missed Test) within a 12 month period constitutes an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) under the Anti-Doping Rules, for which the sanction is a ban between 12 to 24 months (first offence) or more (in a case of a second and subsequent ADRV).