Registered Testing Pool


The Out-of-Competition Testing Program managed by CADF is crucial to ensure that the sport of Cycling and competitors stay on a level playing field. Whereabouts information is an indispensable tool to allow an Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) to locate athletes at any time and to conduct test on a no advance notice basis, which is a key element of an effective anti-doping program.

The UCI Registered Testing Pool (RTP) is the reference pool of riders submitted to the Whereabouts requirements. The RTP is established on certain criteria, including without limitation membership to a UCI WorldTeam or UCI Professional Continental Team, UCI rankings, performances, disciplinary hearing outcomes and other factors determined by the CADF, the UCI and/or the UCI Anti-Doping Commission.

A rider who has been included in the UCI RTP shall continue to be subject to Whereabouts Requirements, including the obligation to provide up-to-date Whereabouts Filing, unless and until:

a) he/she has been given written notice by the UCI that he/she is no longer designated for inclusion in the UCI RTP


b) he/she gives written notice of his/her retirement to the UCI.

An official letter of inclusion is sent to all riders who are included in the UCI RTP. In addition to the explanations related to their obligations as an athlete, the letter also includes information concerning athletes’ whereabouts, therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) and education. To access the Letter of Inclusion, click here.

To access the list of riders included in the UCI RTP, click here: