Teams and third parties

Although riders are and remain personally responsible for their whereabouts information, the UCI Teams can assist their riders by entering ADAMS the competitions details (exclusively) via a specific access granted to them by the CADF. Any race information entered by the Team into ADAMS is directly available in the concerned riders’ whereabouts.

These Teams enter the competition information in compliance with the UCI Testing and Investigations Regulations and following the instructions provided in the guidelines section.

In addition, riders may wish to have a third party (e.g. coach or agent) assist them with respect to their whereabouts requirements. This is possible, please contact CADF at to get third-party access.

That being said, riders must beware of the fact that if they choose to delegate the task of making his/her Whereabouts Filings (and/or any updates thereto) to a third party (team included), the rider remains ultimately responsible at all times for making accurate and complete Whereabouts Filings, whether he/she makes each filing personally or delegates the task to a third party [including the Team]. It shall not be a defence to an allegation of a Whereabouts Failure that the Rider delegated such responsibility to a third party and that third party failed to comply with the applicable requirements (article 5.3.5 of the UCI Testing and Investigation Regulations). For any question concerning the ADAMS access to Teams or other third-party, please contact CADF at