Sample Collection Personnel

The CADF is working with a pool of approximately 60 Doping Control Officers (DCOs). They are trained in compliance with the UCI Testing and Investigations Regulations (TIR) and WADA International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI).

DCOs are key to the overall doping control process. Their role is to manage the doping control sessions carried out by the CADF and supervise the doping control personnel involved in the sample collection process, including Blood Collection Officers (BCOs), Witnesses and Chaperones.

The CADF’s team of BCOs are all certified phlebotomists (trained to draw blood).

They come from about 30 countries and from all 5 continents.

If you are interested in working as a Doping Control Officer or Blood Collection Officer for the CADF, please contact us at

Have a look at the video below taken at the Tour de France 2015 that gives an overview of the Sample Collection Personnel’s work.